H&C are Canadian Permanent Residence applications which are filed in Canada. These applications are for people who have been struggling for their PR for a long time and are not qualified under the regulations of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. If you are someone, or you know someone who is living in Canada without legal paperwork or struggling for their PR for a long time, has been refused for their Permanent Residence or declared as Inadmissible (including medical inadmissibility), then don’t lose your hope!, we still have the OPTIONS for you. You may qualify for the Permanent Residence based on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds.

We assess the H&C applications based on following factors (But not limited to):

– Whether or not an applicant is eligible under any other program?
– How long has the applicant been residing in Canada?
– Level of establishment in Canada?
– How long has the applicant worked in Canada?
– If there are any medical issues, illness or incapacitation is involved?
– If the Best interest of any child is involved?
– Applicant’s inability to travel back? (also includes the COVID-19 impact)

Why is professional help essential in H&C?

and Why hire us?

The procedure to apply for H&C is not exactly straightforward and far from easy. Applicants who choose to apply H&C often get introduced with further challenges. This is the reason we suggest our clients to rely on legal professionals who are specialized in handling H&C cases.

Our consultancy has helped many people for their Humanitarian and Compassionate cases, and always take an aggressive approach towards the approval. Let our experienced staff assess your case and help you to get Permanent Residence in Canada based on Humanitarian grounds.

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