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January 27, 2024

If you’re thinking about visiting Canada, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of a Visitor Visa. This travel document lets you do a lot, but it’s crucial to know its limits, especially when it comes to working and studying. Let’s take a closer look at what you can and can’t do with a Visitor Visa.

Under a Visitor Visa You Cannot

If you have a Visitor Visa for Canada, there are important things you can’t do under this visa. Let’s talk about these limitations to make sure it’s clear what you can and cannot do.

1. Stay Permanently:

Remember, a Visitor Visa is not a way to become a permanent resident of Canada. It only allows you to stay temporarily. Once your visa’s time is up, you have to leave the country. So, it’s not a long-term solution for living in Canada.

2. Work in Canada:

With a Visitor Visa, you can’t work in Canada. Whether it’s a paid job or even unpaid work, you need a separate work permit for any kind of employment. This rule is to make sure people with a Visitor Visa don’t take jobs without the right permission.

3. Study in Canada:

Just like work, you generally can’t study in Canada with a Visitor Visa. For any significant study plans, you’ll need a study permit. There might be some short courses allowed, but for proper studies, a study permit is a must.

4. Apply for a Study Permit:

If you have a Visitor Visa, you can’t apply for a study permit from within Canada in most cases. There’s an exception if you have a family member in Canada with a valid study or work permit. Then, you might be able to apply for a study permit without leaving. But remember, this is not a common rule, and you must meet specific criteria.

But Under a Visitor Visa You Can

1. Enter and Stay:

You can come to Canada and stay for a while. It’s like a temporary pass to explore and experience the country. But remember, it’s not for living here permanently. You have to leave when your visa time is up.

2. Search for Work:

Even though the visa is not for working, you’re allowed to look for jobs. Some employers like meeting candidates face-to-face. Just be honest with immigration officers about why you’re here.

3. Join a Short Course:

If you want to take a short course (less than six months), you might be able to do it without a study permit. But it should be a standalone course, not part of a longer program.

4. Apply to Stay Longer:

If you’re having a good time and want to stay more, you can ask for extra time. But it’s up to the immigration officer to decide.

5. Do Business Activities:

While you can’t work, you can do some business stuff. Like buying things for a business back home, visiting business places, getting training, or doing business deals.

6. Apply for a Work Permit:

In a special case until 2025, if you have a job offer in Canada, you can ask for a work permit while you’re already here. Usually, people get this before they come, but now you can do it while you’re in Canada.

These are the things you’re allowed to do with a Visitor Visa. It’s a cool way to explore Canada, but make sure you follow the rules!

Key Considerations for Job Seekers:

  • Be Transparent: Honest communication with immigration officers is vital.
  • Intent to Return: Prove your intention to return home after your visa expires.
  • No Unauthorized Work: Don’t engage in work without a valid work permit.


In closing, make the most of your Visitor Visa, but be mindful of its limits. Whether you’re enjoying Canada, job hunting, or thinking about staying longer, being informed ensures a smooth visit. Your Canadian adventure begins with smart choices!

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